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Pierce Pettis

          I first heard about singer-songwriter Pierce Pettis when another artist, Velma Fry, praised his work on a Prairie Home Companion radio show. I couldn’t tell you what year that aired. In ensuing years, I’ve since seen him live half a dozen times. I’ve admired his songwriting and performance skills (those dangerous alternate tunings!), I've followed and photographed him. A friendship developed. He has honored me by using my photos often in his promo materials.

        He was doing a show at Hideway Cafe in St. Pete, and since he had no recent pics that showed off his new beard and glasses, he asked me if I could do some studio shots. So he drove over to our condo and here’s what we did, presented as a slide show. The song is his, " Love Will Always Find Its Way", a favorite of mine, used with permission.