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Bible Prophecy

          Here's a refresher from your high school math class. There's a short-

hand that mathematicians use when working with very large numbers.

                10 x 10 = 1 x 10 2  =    100 = 1 with two zeros

           10 x 10 x 10 = 1 x 10 3  =  1000 = 1 with three zeros

                                         etc., etc.     


          A mathematician named Émile Borel (1871 - 1956) did foundational

work in the area of probabiity and statistics. He said that by the time a  proba-

bility reaches 1 in 10 with 50 zeros, it is no longer chance operating, but must

be intelligent design.

          The odds that Yeshua (Jesus) fulfilled over forty prophesies from the

Old Testament are conservatively calculated to be 10 136 (that's 1 with 136 zeros), which means that this is Intelligent Design at work, not random chance.

There is a book called

The Math Of Christ

by Stephen M. Bauer

that details many of the prophecies and the odds

of their fulfilment.This is irrefutable proof that God

is Designer. You can hear Derek Gilbert interview the author (click the title). Prob-

ability would also support

the view that Creation

didn't happen randomly.

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