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Thomas & Fish

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01. Sing!

02. The Greatest Gift

03. Whom Are You Seeking?

04. In That Day

05. Sinner's Prayer

06. To Worship You

07. One Little Child

08. Joseph's Dream

09. One Starry Night (The Manger Scene)

10. Behold The Lamb Of God (version 2)

11. Be Still

12. Open My Eyes, Lord

13. Living The Christian Life

14. Prodigal Song

15. Where Else Shall We Go?

16. May God Bless And Keep You

Instruments, Recording, and Words & Music by james madison thomas

Vocals by joe fish

          Back in the 80's, I worked at Lefter's Music Shop on Central Avenue

in St. Pete. Joseph F. Fish was the owner / manager. He became probably

one of the best friends I've ever had. Joe was a mentor to me and provided

a lot of encouragement and help as I came to my identity in Christ.


          Joe would come over weekly. I would play and record the songs

I was working on, and he would interpret and vocalize them. What a

treasure Guiseppe Piscatore turned out to be.

          My only regret is that I didn't have the equipment then that I have now.

I still marvel at the technology that evolved, where a studio–quality recording can be done at home. I had a Yamaha MT–44 4-track Cassette Recorder that I used

for years. So our efforts are decidely Low–Fi, but there is something about Joe's singing and the simplicity of the arrangements that makes me think the Holy Spirit was involved.

          I picked these songs in 2017 and "remastered" them.They might be a little bit better than the originals,

with some of the tape hiss removed, but they're still rough.

It's okay, they take me back to a very good place.


This group of songs spans 1984 through the 1990's sometime, with the exceptions of tracks 10 and 15, which were recorded when the Thomases were still at the mobile home. That would be before 2018.           Many years earlier, Joe had some health problems that affected his voice, and he didn't sing for a time, so he doesn't like these later renderings very much. But the original cassette master of

"Behold The Lamb Of God" from all those years ago is just too noisy for me to live with. I didn't want to leave the song out, so we attempted re-rercording it. Joe and I hadn't even seen each other in years.

I don't want to use the word "magic" about a moment, but whatever that is, is often lost when trying to duplicate it.

Tracks 7, 8, and 9

are a triptych,

written years

apart, entitled

"Christmas Card".

I may well have sent it

to you one of these

Christmases past.