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Words & Music by james madison thomas

        This song was one of the last I wrote before cancer treatments waylaid me. It’s special to me in many ways.

My wife, Anne-Marie, helped me out with vocals. I got

some old percussion software working, which, if you listen

with headphones, I think you’ll hear.

          I used the mandolin so generously given to me by

Pat Vosburgh, my photography teacher Chuck's wife. He

taught a studio lighting class that I took at the Morean Center

in St. Petersburg. I have some studio shots from that class

which I will post on another page.

          The wind instrument used is the AKAI Electronic Wind Instrument EWI 5000. I used it to drive an English Horn sample. At that point, I was just learning to play it. I'd have to discuss MIDI to explain how thid instrument works, and its extraordinary possibilities. I found it just as challenging to play as a real oboe. (I studied all the wind instruments in college).

I bought it in 2015, and here in 2021, AKAI is about to send

me a brand new one to replace the one I've been using all

these years. There was a design flaw with the battery that

I guess they fixed. Anyhow, they've redesigned it. The story

of my getting this new one is another little miracle I hang on

to. I have a lifetime full of them.

          Lastly, the Chorus was something I’d developed years before, based on writing with my pastor, Chris Osborne,

many years before that. It finally found its home in this song.