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Love Is A Miracle

Words & Music by james madison thomas

          This is an ancient song I wrote on that jumbo Guild F-50R that I bought in the 70‘s and had to sell (I just saw one for sale online for $10,000). I performed it sometime in the 80‘s (?) on “Good Night Alive”, a Christian Television show on WCLF, Clearwater. I can’t remember the year, but I found a old low-fi video recorded with rabbit ears that I might post elsewhere.

          I particularly like the string part in the new arrangement.

I performed this at my good friends John and Shirley Bench’s wedding. I put the accompaniment tracks on a MiniDisk and it sounded wonderful.

          The MiniDisk was developed to the point of recording without compression and mine was that type. Unfortunately,

the format died. I believe that was SONY's.  Another cool format that was abandoned was SACD, Super Audio Disc,

also SONY. It was an audiophile surround–sound thing; the sampling was I think like 64x as many samples per second

as a CD. I have a handful of these discs, but as time marches on, "progress" sreems to leave me stranded. Occasionally,

I manage to outwit it though. I just replaced my broken stereo

receiver with one I bought in 2002. I can play my 5.1 audio

SACD's through tt. You can't buy one of those these days.