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Birdwell Custard

No, “Birdwell Custard” is not the name of a rock band,

     though it should be. In 2005, I was making little Apple books

using iPhoto. I kept this one. From the preface:

Ed & Diane Birdwell were my insurance agents when I owned a home,

but by all appearances, they’re having more serious fun now. Check out

the caboodle of sculpted creatures climbing the walls of their custard shop!

As subjects for my lens, I love the audacious color and humorous style.

Talk about beauty for ashes... I’m told they began as old oil cans.

        I see that these were shot on a FUJI Finepix, a sweet little camera

that rudely broke on me. I’ll bet their current cameras are pretty fine

as well, but I’m locked into Nikon now because I own some expensive

lenses. This was a long time ago. I don’t know what became of

Ed & Diane, but I’ll search online to see if I can find them.