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               I saw  500 Years Of Female Portraits In Western Art  a few

years ago and my mind was blown. I found out the brand of software

that was used to build such a video (Abrosoft's FantaMorph) and bought

it. This collection of images combined with the solo cello was the perfect set of ingredients for such a presentation. It is ingenious in so many ways. I don't know if the creator of this had to pay licensing fees for the use of the music or images of the paintings, or if they are Public Domain. Anyway, the guy that did this made it happen and pulled it off with flair.

          It made me want to do something like this using my own images and music, but my first attempts weren't very successful. I think you have to have a face and eyes for this to work. I do believe Miniatures would work well as the background music to one of these morphing videos,

but I'm still trying to conceptualize what I would have multiple photos of that I could use. So I put this aside, and forgot about it after awhile. But now that I've unearthed these, I'd still like to create my masterpiece.

It's best if you click [ ] bottom right to enlarge the video first before you play it.

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