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On These Things


          This was an early effort in my digital photographic life. It is what it is.

I had Kinko's print up a bunch of these limited-edition spiral-bounds and gave

them to family and a few friends. They were produced on color copiers, which

did an admirable job, but at prohibitive cost, I think somewhere around $125

each. So I didn't make many. I really forgot all about this until I stumbled on it

in an old portfolio case recently.

          Please note: When I click on the image in Safari, it opens the PDF in a separate window, which was my intention. it does not download it. When  I click

on it in Firefox, it downloads it to my Desktop. This was not my intention, and

I think it may have to do with the settings in the browser's Preferences. I have

yet to work this out with tech support. This is a very large file, which may take

30 seconds or more to load.

Click on the book cover to read it.