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June 20, 2021

     Did anybody miss me? My website has been inactive for over five years.

I lost the data needed to publish when my iMac died.

But I'm tenacious about some things (read stubborn), and I tried

last week to guess at that data and I connected, to my surprise.

     Since I last worked with iWeb, it was abandoned by Apple.

But it seemed to work anyway, so I spent the last 7 days rebuilding the site. Everything seemed to publish accurately, but I found out later that my

Quicktime videos were missing in action when using browsers other than Firefox, my default browser. After two hours of talking to Apple support, someone mentioned that EverWeb was the successor to iWeb.


     So, here I am, starting over again for the umpteenth time, but now

with EverWeb, and hoping and praying that this more modern software

will work in everyone's browser. This app has a Preview button that

sends to Firefox or Safari, which allows me to view it without actually

publishing it.The interface is very similar to what I was using,

so I bit the bullet and bought a license.

I am building this site from my recliner in our living room. I got a

pair of bluetooth noise–cancelling headphones that I absolutely love.

Mine are made by SoundCore, and they're an Amazon best-seller.

I hope you will listen to the old songs with headphones or at least

through speakers with good fidelity. This takes you to the heart

of the music. Hearing the bass gives it a wider dimension.

The songs are decidedly noisy and Low-Fi, but

that's the nature of old recordings.

James Madison Thomas

I hope never to have to eat my words

after standing on them so long.