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Amazon Music

I buy entirely too much through Amazon,

but they're the biggest and best

online retail store around. I love that

my music is available there.

iTunes (Apple Music)

The iPod and its software app, iTunes, is one

of the greatest inventions ever, in my book.

I'm still using several of them. But, of course,

Apple has to abandon all its good stuff

in the name of progress.


I have been rather amazed at this music service.

They have nearly everything I've ever searched for

and you can listen for free, if you can suffer

through the ads. They don't pay artists what

they're worth though.  



These days after cancer, my writing well has seemingly

gone dry, though there is still a lot to be inspired about.

It’s a puzzle to me.  But I have a burgeoning collection

of short piano pieces I call “Miniatures” which

I put on SoundCloud, but they won’t be “published.”


I found out that CD Baby, who sold my stuff

and distributed it, closed down their store.

Unbeknownst to me, they put my albums on YouTube.

I have no idea how long they have been there;

it may have been years. I also don’t know if I get paid

something for someone listening there,

but you’re certainly welcome to.


I don't have a lot of music on this platform,

but here it is anyhow. I won't bother with

the Myspace page, mainly because I don't

even know if it still exists. Come to think of it,

if AOL does, maybe it does.


It might be that my songwriting is on hold right now, or maybe

reserved for heaven. Interestingly, I frequently chart in the Top Ten

on ReverbNation’s Folk chart for St. Petersburg, even though I

don’t perform anywhere.The highest position I've reached is #2

on June 19, 2020. I have a Facebook friend, Rebecca Zapen,

whom I havenever met in real life. She's at the #1 spot most

of the time.