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Panoramas Nos. 3 & 4

I found this view when I drove my daughter up

to Morton Plant Hospital. Because of Covid, I wasn't

allowed in with her, and it was pretty hot sitting out in the

parking lot. So I decided to look for a cooler spot with some

shade. I discovered another lot close by and it was right on

the waterfront. The view of the Intracoastal was amazing,

so I decided to come back another time, when it was dark.

I asked my friend, Richard, if he would go with me,

and he drove me up and acted as my bodyguard

while I shot. Turns out it was a popular spot for the

420 crowd, so I appreciated his company even more.


     My camera was tethered to my mac, so I could

see the results instantly, and clearly, on a bigger screen.

Later, I stitched the images together in Photoshop. Voila,

a panorama that would be 14 feet wide, and 4 feet tall,

if I were to print it.  These were also shot as an HDR.

Panorama No. 3

Clearwater Causeway And Skyline

Panorama No. 4

Clearwater Beach Skyline On Intracoastal Waterway

          My first attempt at a panorama in 2010 was done from the

observation tower at Boca Ciega Millennium Park in Seminole. There

were some pelicans in the center that added visual interest; you can

see them when you zoom in. I did print this one as an experiment,

and it hung in the business office at the Florida Aquarium, along with

a bunch of my 16x20's. I left it with one of the employees when I left

my position there.

Panorama No. 1

Observation Tower At Millennium Park

Panorama No. 2

          My next panorama was at Lake Seminole Park. I haven't

yet located that file,

Follow these instructions to view these:

Click on the photo. It opens as a PDF in a new window.

There are some icons below the image that appear when

you hover the cursor at the bottom of the page.

Click on the Magnifying Glass to enlarge it, several times if you

wish. Scroll Left or Right, Up and Down, using the Arrow Keys

on your keyboard.

I tested this using Safari and an Apple keyboard