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Miniature No. 2

Miniature No. 4

Miniature No. 6

Miniature No. 8

Miniature No. 10

Miniature No. 12

Miniature No. 14

Miniature No. 16

Miniature No. 18 (EWI)

Miniature No. 1

Miniature No. 3

Miniature No. 5

Miniature No. 7

Miniature No. 9

Miniature No. 11

Miniature No. 13

Miniature No. 15

Miniature No. 17

Music by james madison thomas

          There's a story behind the photo I'm using for Miniatures' album cover.

It was taken by a guy I don't really know.

I used to photograph Botanical Gardens often. Once, unbeknownst to me, another photographer, Leonard Polonco, surrep-

titiously snapped this photo of me doing what I always do there. He came up to me afterward to show me. I liked it and

asked him if he would send it to me and

if I could use it.

          I finished the first of these short piano pieces in 2007 and have been adding to them periodically ever since. I saw similarities in their character, in the same way Erik Satie's Gymnopodies have a distinct homogeneity. I strayed a couple of times from the template by adding other instruments, but they are still short and piano–


          I haven't released these as a collection in a formal way, though I would have liked to, but there are many imperfections. I have uploaded them to SoundCloud

but you can hear them below. The first 3 are from my 2008 album In The Balance.

          I'm hoping there will be another 16 tracks to make up a volume 2,

but honestly, I think our time here is short.